Manage Bearer Tokens

Use bearer tokens to authenticate grant and control permissions for entities using the Airship API, sending custom events into the system, or supporting a Real-Time Data Streaming integration.

For details about adding events from external systems, e.g., CRM or POS databases, see the Server-Side Custom Events API documentation.

Create a Token

  1. Go to Settings » APIs & Integrations » Tokens.
  2. Click Create Token.
  3. Enter a token Name. This is just a friendly name to help you recognize your tokens in Airship.
  4. Select the Role you want to grant for this token. For additional information, see Airship API Security.
    • Audience Modification: Grants read and write permission to audience APIs, including channels, named users, segments, lists, etc. Use this permission for users sending custom events into Airship.
    • All Access: Grants full access to your Airship project, except IBM UBX integrations. You should use this permission when creating a token for an inbound message handling webhook.
  5. Click Create Token.
  6. Copy the values, then click Got it to close the modal window.

    You cannot view the Access Token after leaving this screen, so copy and save it now.

Delete a Token

  1. Go to Settings » APIs & Integrations » Tokens.
  2. Click Delete next to a token.
  3. Confirm your action and click Delete.