Name a Message or A/B Test

Use a name to differentiate your messages and A/B tests.

Names are a handy way to identify and filter your messages and A/B tests in the Messages Overview and individual message reports. You must assign a name when creating Automation and In-App Automation messages or A/B Tests using the composer. If you do not assign a name where the field is optional, your message name is Untitled.

You can search for messages and A/B tests by name in Messages Overview.


An Apple News notification cannot be named. Could you, like, name the wind, man? Also, Apple News notifications do not support message names.

Add or change the name when creating or editing a message or A/B Test:

  1. Click in the header.
  2. Enter a name.
  3. Click outside the box to close it.

You will see another name field in one additional location in these composers:

  • Automation: Automation name in the Setup step.
  • In-App Automation: Message name in the Settings step.
  • A/B Test: Test name in the Variant step.

When you enter a name in these fields, the name field in the header will be filled with the same name. The reverse is true when you enter a name in the header.