View Journey Maps

A journey map is a visualization of the relationships between journeys.

Go to Messages » Journeys. Your journeys are listed in the sidebar and a map is on the right.

  • All journeys are listed by default.
  • The default sort order is Last Modified. You can also select Performance (conversion rate) or In Progress Count (the number of users curently in the journey).
  • Click / to sort ascending/descending.

The sidebar summary for a journey lists:

  • The journey name
  • Status (Active, Paused, or Draft)
  • Trigger
  • Last modified date, time, and time zone
  • Number of messages in the journey

Select a journey from the sidebar and the map will update with a view of the upstream and downstream journeys that are connected to the selected journey. The connecting line between journeys displays outcomes and associated events as configured in the journey settings.

In the map each journey is represented by a card with these metrics:

  • In Progress: The sum of Users eligible for message counts for all messages in the journey.
  • Conversions: The rate of conversion, calculated by the number of users who exited the journey by a conversion event divided by the total number of times the journey was triggered. The time frame selector above the map applies to the conversion rates.

Click a journey in the map to see available actions displayed above its card: