Edit a Message or A/B Test

Make changes to Automation, In-App Automation, unsent messages, and unsent A/B tests.

Editing behavior and availability depends on the composer used to create the original message, status, and if it was scheduled for delivery.

  • Message, Automation, and A/B Test: Opens the message or A/B test for editing in its composer of origin.

    • For scheduled A/B tests and scheduled messages created with Message composer, this action cancels the scheduled delivery, saves the message or A/B test as a draft, and opens the message or A/B test for editing.
  • In-App Automation: Opens the message for editing. Availability for editing depends on message status. Active messages can be edited at any time. An Expired or Canceled message can be edited and its end date extended, making it active again, within 14 days of the original expiration. After 14 days you can only duplicate the expired message. See: In-App Automation: Message Status.

  1. Open your messaging project. If you are already in your project, go to Messages » Messages Overview.
  2. Click for the message or A/B test you want to edit.