Getting Started with Performance Analytics

Get Started with Performance Analytics, Airship's user-level reporting tool. Performance Analytics visualizes engagement data, helping you understand what your customers are doing and which behaviors cause them to take action. With user-level audience engagement dashboards, ad-hoc discovery tools, and conversion reporting, you can uncover the ‘why’ behind your ROI.

Set Project Industry

Performance Analytics is an add-on tool. Contact Airship Sales to enable Performance Analytics for your account, or follow the steps below to enroll in a free trial. After it has been enabled for your account:

  1. Open your messaging project from the dasboard, then click Reports and select Performance Analytics. The first time you open Performance Analytics after enrollment, you will be notified that it will take 24 hours for events to populate the dashboards. Click Next to close the window.
  2. Verify or set your project's Industry. Industry appears on the right side of the page, above the time zone.If you need to make a change, click the displayed industry to open your project's settings, select an industry type and sub-industry, then click Update Project.

You are now ready to start learning about Dashboards and Spaces.

Enroll In a Free Trial

Sign up for a free trial of Performance Analytics.

  1. Open your project from the dashboard, then click Reports and select Performance Analytics.
  2. Click Start Your Free Trial.
    • Enterprise customers: Complete the enrollment form:You will be notified via email when Performance Analytics has been added to your account. After that, you are ready to set your industry.
    • E-Commerce customers: Continue with the steps below.
  3. Click Try Performance Analytics for 30 days.You will then see a banner stating that you have successfully activated your trial.E-Commerce customers can manage add-ons at any time.

Once Performance Analytics is enabled for your account, user-level events and messages you send will start appearing in the dashboards. Please wait 24 hours for events to appear in your dashboards.