View Journey Reports

A Journey report shows audience behavior compared to the journey’s goal. It displays performance metrics and a link to the message report for each message in the journey.

  • Journey reports are only available after you start the journey. You will not see links to the reports until then.
  • Engagement data is sent to Airship as soon as it becomes available. Often data is delayed because of connectivity issues with a user’s carrier, wifi, power, etc. You should wait at least 12 to 24 hours before acting on this data to allow for potential lags.
  1. Go to Messages » Messages Overview.

  2. Click for a journey. The report has the same layout as the journey manager screen and contains these main elements:

    • Performance metrics: Statistical data for the journey and each message. See Performance Data on this page.
    • Message reports: Click Report to open an individual message report.

You can also access the journey report from the journey manager screen. Click the Performance tab/link.

Performance Data

The following data are included in the journey report:

The trigger used to initiate the journey (tag change, custom event, inactivity, etc.) and the total number of times it was triggered. The trigger and count are located on the left side of the screen, in the same position as the trigger as shown in the Manage view.

Users may trigger the journey more than once, depending on the journey’s rule limitLimits that cap the number of times any member of your audience can trigger a journey, helping prevent you from over-notifying your audience, e.g., a maximum of 1 per day. Rule limits are set per journey and apply at the named user level. , so this count may be higher than the number of individual users who triggered the journey.

For journeys with a goal of Event, the number of users who exited due to performing the event. This will not appear for journeys with a goal of Completion. The conversion count is located above Filtered for each message.
Filters and counts
The reasons why users exited the journey, or fell out of the funnel. Filters and their counts are listed under Filtered, to the left of each message in the journey. Filters include:
  • Conditions: The number of users who exited due to not meeting the message’s tag conditions, e.g., message 2 was only delivered to users with tag hotdog.
  • Other: The number of users who exited due to other reasons.
Users eligible for message
The total number of users that have met the criteria to receive the message.
Direct engagements
The total number of direct app opens and clicks on web notifications, and the percentage of direct engagements, calculated as the percentage of total number of sends / total number of direct engagements.