Send a Follow Up Message Based on Retargeting Data

Send follow up messages based on retargeting data.

This tutorial is a version of the Export Lists and Uploaded List, tutorials, specific to working with data in the Shared space Retargeting Table.

What You'll Do

In this tutorial, you will:

  1. Download a user list from Insight.
  2. Upload the user list for messaging use.


Download the User List

  1. Navigate to Shared space » Messages » Retargeting Table.

  2. Locate the message you want to retarget. The last three columns of the table represent users who did or did not take action on the notification:

    Message Delivery: Total User Count
    Message Metrics: Direct Open User Count
    Message Metrics: No Direct Open User Count

  3. Download the list of users for the relevant user count.

    1. Click the number in the user count column. The results will open in a modal window.

    2. Click Download Results, then select options:

      Results: As displayed in the data table
      Values: Unformatted
      Limit: All Results

  4. Click Download, and save the CSV file. The file consists of platform and device ID pairs.

Upload the List


Uploaded CSV files are limited to a maximum of 10 million Named Users or Channel IDs, and a maximum file size of 1.5 GB.

  1. From within your project, click Audience and select Lists.
  2. Click the + List button in the upper right corner of the Lists page.
  3. Enter a descriptive Name. The Name may not be changed after you save the list.

  4. Enter a Description. This should explain what kind of identifiers are contained within your CSV file.

  5. Click Choose file, browse and select your file, then you will see the button label change to Uploaded List.
  6. Click Save, and you will be returned to the Uploaded tab, where your new list's status will likely be Processing. Once the Status is Ready, you can send to your new list.

Processing time is generally quick but varies depending on the size of your list and server load. Small lists can process within seconds, while large lists may take 5 or 10 minutes. We recommend uploading lists at least a few hours before you need to send to them. This will give you plenty of time to address any potential errors.

See complete documentation in the Uploaded List tutorial.

Send to the List

After you create a list, you can use it as a recipient group when selecting your audience in the Message or A/B Test workflows. See Target Specific Users for detail.

To send to a list via the API, see the Static Lists API documentation and the Use Static Lists API tutorial.


If an Uploaded list is processing, you will not be able to send to the list until processing has finished.

You can also add an Uploaded list to an audience segment. Follow the steps in the Segments Builder Tutorial.