Manage Connect Integrations

After you create an integration, you may want or need to reconfigure its options or manage tokens.


  1. Open your project from the dashboard, then click Settings and select Connect Integrations.

  2. Under Active Connections, click the pane for the integration you want to manage.

You can now manage the connection. Available fields and options vary per integration. Steps for specific tasks are below.


Edit Connection

  1. Hover over the connection name and description to make the pencil icon appear:
  2. Click on the pencil icon, and the edit options appear:
    Edit the connection's name and/or description, then click Save, or cancel to discard.

    Delete the connection by clicking the small Delete link in the bottom right corner.


Delete Token

  1. Click the Revoke button at the end of the token's row.
  2. Check the box and click the Delete button to confirm.

Create Token


You can create a maximum of 25 access tokens per connection.

  1. Click the Add New Token button.
  2. Enter a name for your token, then click the Create Token button:
  3. Copy the App Key and Access Token and save in a secure location.

    You will not be able to view the App Key and Access Token after leaving this screen, so copy and save them now.

  4. Click the Ok, thanks button to close the window.