Manage Test Groups

Reach users on desktop and mobile browsers as easily you can through an app.

A test group is a reusable audience group that can be used as a recipient for test messages.

Only owners and administrators can manage test groups. See: Manage Access Levels.


Test Devices was renamed to Test Groups. Changes:

  1. You can now maintain multiple lists of test users.

  2. If you had an existing Test Devices list, it is now a Test Group named devices.

Creating Test Groups

  1. Go to Audience » Test Groups.

  2. Click Create Test Group.

  3. Enter a name for the group of test users, then click Create.

  4. Click Add Test User, then enter a User Name and User Identifier.

    • User Name: Enter a personal name or description to identify this user.
    • User Identifier: Enter a channel ID or email address.
  5. Click Add.

Sending to Test Groups

Select Test Users when defining your audience in the Message, A/B Test, or In-App Automation composers, then select from the Test Groups menu.

Editing or Deleting Test Groups

  1. Go to Audience » Test Groups.
  2. Click   to delete, or click   to edit.
  3. Edit the user name.
  4. Click Add.