Learn how to use Airship by following the steps in our tutorials.

  • Getting Started: Learn about the Airship platform, tour our dashboard, and start creating messaging and mobile wallet projects.
  • Send Messages: Learn how to send messages to various channels and customize your messages.
  • Audience: Manage your message audience.
  • Orchestration: Channel Coordination, A/B Tests, Automation, Journeys, In-App Automation, and Personalization.
  • Mobile Wallet: Manage your mobile wallet passes.
  • API: API tasks for messaging.
  • Data & Analytics: Reporting, real-time event stream, analytics, and our predictive features.

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  • Do you need to know what the Airship platform does? Read about our Features.
  • Are you a developer? You’ll want to explore Platforms.
  • Want to get right into the details? Go straight to the API and Reference docs.

For customer assistance, please visit support.airship.com.