Mobile Wallet Batch Import CSV Formatting

CSV formatting requirements and information.

For use with: CSV Batch Importer

We recommend your CSV file contain no more than 500,000 rows. The CSV file size limit is 250 MB, but there is no limit to the number of passes you can create this way.

In addition to columns specifying each field name, you can also include columns for:

  • barcode_value : Provide custom barcode values for each pass.
  • externalId : The external identifier value specifies a user ID in a backend system (e.g. a CRM database) that you can use to map a pass to your data. For example, if a customer receives a pass with an externalId value that links to an ID in your backend loyalty system. When your customer makes a purchase that earns loyalty points, you can update his or her pass can with this new data. This field must be unique. Airship will not process rows containing duplicate externalId values.

Here is the start of a valid CSV file:


The only date format accepted for Google templates is YYYY-MM-DD.