Message Center Reference

Message Center is both a place in your app where you can display persistent rich messages, including HTML, video, etc., and a message type. Similar to email, Message Center represents both the medium (the in-app inbox) and the message type (the messages you send to the inbox).


  • Message Center inboxes are limited to 250 messages. Exceeding the limit deletes the oldest messages first.
  • Message Center messages expire after 1 year.

See the tutorials for usage information.


Composer Options and Settings

These options are available for push notifications created in the Message and Automation composers and their equivalent API endpoints.

  • App channels can be combined with any other channel.
ContentMessage and Automation

1 Schedule supports Delivery By Time ZoneAn option for scheduled messages that delivers the messages according to recipient device’s current time zone. . Message composer only.
2 Optimal Send Time is a predictive feature and does not appear by default. Message composer only.

Message Center Template Delivery Options

When you use a Message Center template in your message, you will see Message Center Options for Expiration and Custom Keys in the Delivery step in the composers. Message center options function just like the global options but are specific to the message center message. These options correspond to the expiry and extras keys in a message center object in the API.