Apple News Notification Reference

An Apple News notification is a push notification that links to an Apple News story and is delivered via the Apple News app on iOS and macOS. Apple News notifications are available to select publishers. If you are interested in sending Apple News notifications, contact Airship Sales.

See the tutorial for usage information.


Composer Options and Settings

These options are available for notifications created in the Apple News composer.


Messages cannot be retracted or deleted.

StoryStory information displayed:

  • Title
  • Share URL: If the story has a canonical URL, it is displayed instead of the share URL.
  • Status: Only Live or Processing stories may be selected. If an article is processing, the message will be sent when processing is complete. A story that was retracted cannot be selected.

CountriesAvailable countries are dependent on the selections made when setting up the service with Airship, not necessarily the countries you have configured with Apple.