Airship Ruby Library\uf0c1

urbanairship is a Ruby library for using the Airship web service API for push notifications and rich app pages.


If you have the bundler gem (if not you can get it with $ gem install bundler) add this line to your application’s Gemfile:

>>> gem 'urbanairship'

And then execute:

>>> $ bundle

OR install it yourself as:

>>> gem install urbanairship

Using the library\uf0c1

The library is intended to be used with the small footprint of a single import. To get started, import the package, and create an Airship object representing a single Airship project.

Note that channels are preferred over device_token and apid. See: documentation on channels.

require 'urbanairship'
UA = Urbanairship
airship ='application_key', secret:'master_secret')
p = airship.create_push
p.audience = UA.all
p.notification = UA.notification(alert: 'Hello')
p.device_types = UA.device_types(['ios','android'])

The library uses unirest for communication with the UA API.


The library source code is available on GitHub.

Tests can be run with rspec:


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