public abstract class


extends FragmentActivity
   ↳ android.content.Context
     ↳ android.content.ContextWrapper
       ↳ android.view.ContextThemeWrapper
             ↳ androidx.activity.ComponentActivity
                 ↳ com.urbanairship.messagecenter.ThemedActivity
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Known Indirect Subclasses

Class Overview

Activity that automatically uses the AppCompat support library if its available and the application extends the app compat theme.


Inherited Constants
From class
From class android.content.Context
From interface android.content.ComponentCallbacks2
Inherited Fields
From class
Public Constructors
Public Methods
void addContentView(View view, ViewGroup.LayoutParams params)
MenuInflater getMenuInflater()
void onConfigurationChanged(Configuration newConfig)
void setContentView(View view)
void setContentView(int layoutResId)
void setContentView(View view, ViewGroup.LayoutParams params)
void supportInvalidateOptionsMenu()
Protected Methods
void hideActionBar()
void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
void onDestroy()
void onPostCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState)
void onPostResume()
void onStop()
void onTitleChanged(CharSequence title, int color)
void setDisplayHomeAsUpEnabled(boolean enabled)
Helper method to enable up navigation.
Inherited Methods
From class
From class androidx.activity.ComponentActivity
From class
From class
From class android.view.ContextThemeWrapper
From class android.content.ContextWrapper
From class android.content.Context
From class java.lang.Object
From interface android.content.ComponentCallbacks
From interface android.content.ComponentCallbacks2
From interface android.view.KeyEvent.Callback
From interface android.view.LayoutInflater.Factory
From interface android.view.LayoutInflater.Factory2
From interface android.view.View.OnCreateContextMenuListener
From interface android.view.Window.Callback
From interface androidx.activity.OnBackPressedDispatcherOwner
From interface
From interface
From interface androidx.core.view.KeyEventDispatcher.Component
From interface androidx.lifecycle.LifecycleOwner
From interface androidx.lifecycle.ViewModelStoreOwner
From interface androidx.savedstate.SavedStateRegistryOwner

Public Constructors

public ThemedActivity ()

Public Methods

public void addContentView (View view, ViewGroup.LayoutParams params)

public MenuInflater getMenuInflater ()

public void onConfigurationChanged (Configuration newConfig)

public void setContentView (View view)

public void setContentView (int layoutResId)

public void setContentView (View view, ViewGroup.LayoutParams params)

public void supportInvalidateOptionsMenu ()

Protected Methods

protected void hideActionBar ()

protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)

protected void onDestroy ()

protected void onPostCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState)

protected void onPostResume ()

protected void onStop ()

protected void onTitleChanged (CharSequence title, int color)

protected void setDisplayHomeAsUpEnabled (boolean enabled)

Helper method to enable up navigation.

enabled true to enable up navigation, otherwise false.