Billing terms definitions for the Airship Service

Monthly Active Users

Monthly active users (MAU) is a unit of measurement used as applicable based on the Customer’s usage (a) to count the number of unique users who have opened an app within a calendar month and (b) the number of sends to unique Channel IDsAn Airship-specific unique identifier used to address a channel instance, e.g., a smartphone, web browser, email address. via Airship’s open channels API in a calendar month. Monthly active users are tracked via Channel ID. A month is calculated as the billing period of one calendar month from 00:00 UTC on the first day of the calendar month to midnight UTC on the last day of the same calendar month.


Contact means an End User that has registered an activation event and Customer can send a Notification via one or more Airship supported Channel(s)An instance representing an entity addressable via the Airship service, e.g., an iOS device, email address, SMS number or web browser. The channel instance or channel object contains all relevant information about a channel, including metadata used for targeting, opt-in status, device-specific information, and, importantly, a unique identifier for the channel, the channel ID.. For the Airship Service, a Contact is a way of organizing data (e.g., EventsEvents represent activities in the Airship system, as well as user behavior in your app or website. You can also send external activities (e.g., POS transactions) into the Airship system as events. Events power Airship data products and can be used in audience segments, as automation triggers, and for partner integrations., TagsMetadata that you can associate with channels or named users for audience segmentation. Generally, they are descriptive terms indicating user preferences or other categorizations, e.g., wine_enthusiast or weather_alerts_los_angeles. Tags are case-sensitive., and AttributesMetadata used for audience segmentation and personalization. They extend the concept of Tags by adding comparison operators and values to determine whether or not to target a user, helping you better evaluate your audience.) and addressable Channels, such that data stored with the Contact is available to any associated Channels. A Contact may be any one of the following: (1) a Named User, with one or more channels associated with it; (2) an Anonymous User, with one or more channels associated with it; or (3) a single Channel that is not associated with a Named or Anonymous User, such as a mobile Channel ID, web notification Channel ID, email address.

  • A “Named User” is an End User where the Customer has provided Airship with Customer-supplied user key value that can be used to identify that single End User across Channels (e.g., email address, Customer-generated account number). A Named User Contact represents that single End User across the associated Channels.

  • An “Anonymous User” is a “Contact ID” with Airship-supplied identifier that can be used to identify that single End User across Channels. For billing purposes, a Contact is counted once per Channel, across projects. For the purposes of mobile applications, a Channel is iOS, Android, and Amazon.

Activation events include opting in, subscribing, installing, registering or other similar types of events that allow Contacts to receive Notifications via one or more Channels. In counting the total number of Contacts each month, Airship removes users that have registered a deactivation event in the previous month. Deactivation events include opt-outs, unsubscribes, uninstalls, and deletions. Examples of activation and deactivation events are noted in the below table.

ChannelsActivation EventDeactivation EventDefault DeactivationContact Count = Number of Activations less Number of Deactivations
Mobile/AppRegistrationUninstall12 monthsNumber of Contacts
Web NotificationsOpted inOpt-out or Uninstall12 monthsNumber of Contacts
Mobile WalletInstalled PassesUninstalled or Expired PassesNot applicableNumber of Contacts
EmailSubscribedUnsubscribes from transactional emails or channel is deletedNot applicableNumber of Contacts
SMSOpted inOpt-out or channel is deletedNot applicableNumber of Contacts
Open ChannelRegistrationChannel is deletedNot applicableNumber of Contacts
TOTALTotal number of Contacts


Notification means each unit of content sent using an Airship supported channel. Examples of notifications are specified in the below table.

ChannelsNumber of Notifications
Mobile/AppNumber of Notifications sent
WebNumber of Notifications sent
Mobile WalletNumber of Passes (each install and each update)
EmailCounted separately in Email package, if applicable
SMSCounted separately in SMS package, if applicable
In-App AutomationNumber of Impressions
Message CenterNumber of Messages sent
Open Channel APINumber of Notifications sent


An Impression is a metric used to quantify an on-screen display of content delivered by the Airship SDK and displayed to an End User in the Customer Digital Asset. (Customer Digital Asset is defined as in the Airship Terms of Subscription Service or Main Subscription Agreement where applicable.)

For Airship contracts that include Native App Experiences, which are defined as ScenesMulti-screen experiences that are cached on users’ devices and displayed when your users meet certain conditions within your app, such as viewing a particular screen or opening the app a certain number of times. Scenes can include survey questions or be presented as a story. :

An Impression is counted as billable when a Native App Experience is displayed for the End User in the Customer Digital Asset. Any attempt to display a Native App Experience that is not successfully presented to the End User will not be counted as a billable Impression. Each instance of display for an End User is counted as a billable Impression regardless of the content of the Native App Experience. Examples:

  • The same one-screen Scene displayed to the End User five times is counted as five separate billable Impressions.
  • The same four-screen Scene displayed to the End User three times is counted as three separate billable Impressions.

Impressions are billed as a minimum fee up to 1,000 Impressions and at the contracted rate multiplied by the counted number of billable Impressions rounded to the next applicable unit of currency thereafter.

Addressable Users

For Airship contracts that include Channels, Real-Time Data Streaming, Performance Analytics, and Web Notifications​:

An Addressable User is a software installation on a device, an email address, or a MSISDNThe mobile phone number of an individual in your Airship audience. Each MSISDN represents an individual mobile device. managed by Airship. We measure the number of Addressable Users you can reach using Airship’s Service in the previous billing month. At the beginning of every month we remove users who have uninstalled or were deactivated in the previous month.


SMS messages are billed based on message parts. Exceeding the standard character count limit in a single message will cause your message to be split into multiple parts. You will be charged for each separate message part sent.

For messages using GSM (GSM-7) characters, the limit is 160 characters. Messages using characters not in the GSM-7 character set fall back to UCS-2 encoding, which has a limit of 70 characters. Due to an additional 6 Byte data header instructing devices on how to assemble messages, each part consists of a maximum of 153 (GSM-7) or 67 (UCS-2) characters, respectively.

SMS messages and templates as viewed in the dashboard may not accurately reflect how your message will be divided into parts. For more information, see SMS Appearance and behavior.

Mobile Wallet — Total Passes Installed

For Airship Mobile Wallet contracts:

For billing purposes, Airship counts the total number of “Total Passes Installed” each month on a customer’s account. The Total Passes Installed count includes each Apple Wallet mobile wallet pass and Google Wallet mobile wallet card that has been installed by an end user on a unique device during the current month, as well as those mobile wallet passes and/or mobile wallet cards that are still installed on devices from prior months.

Wallet passes and/or mobile wallet cards that fit the following conditions are counted in the month deleted or expired, but not the following months:

  • Wallet passes and/or wallet cards deleted individually on each device by end users or systematically by Airship Mobile Wallet customers
  • Wallet passes and/or wallet cards that have expired on each device

Mobile Wallet — Items Under Management

For Airship Mobile Wallet contracts entered into or renewed prior to July 1, 2016:

For billing purposes, Airship counts the total number of “Wallet Items” each month on a customer’s account that are managed by Airship Mobile Wallet. The Wallet Items under management count includes each unique Apple Wallet mobile wallet pass and Google Wallet mobile wallet pass that was being managed by Airship Mobile Wallet during a given month. This includes Wallet Items that were created that month, as well as those wallet items still under management from prior months.

Wallet items that fit the following conditions are counted in the month deleted or expired, but not the following months:

  • Wallet items deleted individually by end users or systematically by Airship Mobile Wallet customers
  • Wallet items that have expired

Apptimize Service — Apptimize Monthly Devices

Apptimize Monthly Devices (AMD) means the sum of Monthly Active Users (MAU) or similar equivalent measure for all platforms the Customer uses as further provided herein. The metric for each applicable platform is as follows: (a) for Mobile, Web, OTT (except Roku): the sum of total unique instances of the Customer application featuring the Apptimize SDK that became active within a rolling 30 day period. More specifically as to Mobile, AMD refers to the number of unique iOS and Android devices opening the Customer application or other connected devices featuring the Apptimize SDK within a rolling 30 day period; and for (b) Server, REST, Roku, the number of unique Apptimize User IDs observed in API calls made within a rolling 30-day period.