Web Changelog

The latest updates to the Airship Web SDK

1.13.0 March 15, 2021

  • Improvement: Allow passing query parameters in the service-worker URL

1.12.0 February 22, 2021

Minor changes on data-collection to match our mobile SDK behavior.

1.11.0 January 13, 2021

Minor release:

  • add locale override support

1.10.0 September 3, 2020

Minor release:

  • Add support for Yandex browser
  • Fix a regression on Safari

1.9.0 August 27, 2020

Minor release including:

  • Add data collection handling to match mobile SDK
  • Internal changes to prevent flooding the backend (channel events capping, named user debouncing)

1.8.2 August 14, 2020

Patch release:

  • make the unsupported-browser error catchable using UA.catch()
  • fix default positioning of HTML prompt alert template to top when incorrect or not defined

1.8.1 August 12, 2020

Patch release to fix a reporting bug with uppercase button IDs.

1.8.0 August 4, 2020

Minor release for web notification button support and a bug fix for named users.

  • Added support for displaying buttons in web notification
  • Fixed bug where clicking a web notification could remove named user from the channel

1.7.0 June 15, 2020

Adds support for setting attributes and tags on named users.

1.6.0 May 5, 2020

Minor release that adds date attribute support.

1.4.0 March 23, 2020

Minor release introducing a new plugin framework, and two plugins to make user acquisition easier.


  • Introduced a new plugin framework
  • Added customizable HTML prompt plugin
  • Added registration page plugin