Configure your project to respond to mobile-originated messages.

A keyword is a word you define to perform an action when used in a mobile-originated message, such as opting in a user, applying a tag for segmentation, or triggering a response.

Contact Airship Support to set up or update keywords, as well as custom responses and tag operations. Airship stores your keywords, responses, and associated tag operations. These are not available through the dashboard or API.

Mobile-originated messages are represented as events. Each event records the keywords that your audience uses and additional identifying information. You can use these events to observe opt-in and opt-out trends in Performance AnalyticsA customizable marketing intelligence tool that provides access to reports and graphs based on engagement data. or to get events directly from Real-Time Data StreamingA service that delivers engagement events in real time via the Data Streaming API or an Airship partner integration. .

Opt-In/Out Keywords

You can define opt-in keywords that will opt the user into receiving SMS notifications or trigger the double opt-in confirmation message.

By default, users can text you any of these words to opt out of notifications: STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, QUIT, ARRET. You can also add additional opt-out keywords; like opt-in keywords, specialized keywords can provide additional data about opt-out behaviors.

Keyword Features