Data Collection

Data collection can be disabled at the SDK level to prevent the collection of any data other than essential, de-identified data from occurring. Disabling data collection disables the following Airship features:

  • Push tokens
  • Channels
  • Analytics events
  • Location
  • Attributes
  • Associated Identifiers
  • Tags
  • Named user

Remaining functionality (when data collection is disabled) includes broadcast Message center messages and broadcast In-App Automation messages. When data collection is disabled, Airship will still collect language, language country, timezone, app version, SDK version, and device OS.

Disabling data collection on the React-native platform requires setting configurations files for both the iOS and Android native SDKs.

Config Instructions

Data collection can be disabled at the native SDK level by following the platform-specific data collection guides:

Opting In: Data Collection

Restoring full Airship functionality by opting back into data collection can be accomplished with the following call:


Excluding Push from Opt-out

By default, push functionality will also be disabled when data collection is disabled. However, you can override this behavior with the following call: