React Native Accengage migration

Migration from Accengage React Native module to Airship React Native module.

This guide will help you migrate from the Accengage platform to the Airship platform by installing the Airship-Accengage module. This module allows you to continue sending messages to your entire audience (upgraded, non-upgraded, net new users) through the Accengage platform while upgrading users to the Airship platform. After all or most of your users have updated to the latest version of your app, you can use the Airship platform exclusively for your messaging and remove the Airship-Accengage module.

For more information about the migration, please visit our documentation about Accengage Upgrade.

Setup Instructions

  1. Remove the Accengage React Native module.

  2. Install the Airship React Native module.

  3. Install the Airship Accengage React Native module:

Using Yarn

yarn add urbanairship-accengage-react-native

Using NPM

npm install urbanairship-accengage-react-native --save
  1. Set up notification extensions for iOS.

  2. Airship provides a data opt-out feature to help customers comply with applicable privacy opt-out laws. For more information, see Data Collection.