Flutter Setup

How to install the Airship Flutter plugin.


  • Dart SDK 2.17.3+
  • Flutter 3.0.2+


  • Xcode 14.3+
  • minimum deployment target iOS 14+


  • minSdkVersion 21+
  • compileSdkVersion 33+


  1. Add the Airship dependency to your package’s pubspec.yaml file:

          airship_flutter: ^7.0.0
  2. Install your Flutter package dependencies by running the following in the command line, at your project’s root directory:

    flutter pub get
  3. Import Airship into your project:

    import 'package:airship_flutter/airship_flutter.dart';

Android Setup

  1. Download the Firebase google-services.json file and place it inside android/app.

  2. Apply the com.google.gms.google-services plugin in the app-level build.gradle file.

iOS Setup

  1. Add the following capabilities to your application target:

    • Push Notifications
    • Background Modes > Remote Notifications
  2. To take advantage of notification attachments, such as images, animated gifs, and video, you will need to create a notification service extension.

    Follow the CocoaPods steps in the iOS Notification Service Extension Guide.

Calling TakeOff

takeOff should be called in a standard application at the beginning of the lifecycle. Once takeOff is called, the config will be stored and applied for future app inits. If takeOff is called again with a different config, the new config will not be applied until the next app init.

  var config = AirshipConfig(
      defaultEnvironment: ConfigEnvironment(
          appKey: "REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_APP_KEY",
          appSecret: "REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_APP_SECRET"
      site: Site.us, // use eu for EU cloud projects
      urlAllowList: ["*"],
      androidConfig: AndroidConfig(
          notificationConfig: AndroidNotificationConfig(
              icon: "ic_notification",
              accentColor: "#00ff00"


URL Allowlist

The URL allowlist controls which URLs the Airship SDK is able to act on. The SDK divides up usages of URLs into three different config options:

  • urlAllowListScopeOpenUrl: Only URLs allowed for this scope can be opened from an action, displayed in landing page, displayed in an HTML in-app message, or displayed as media in an In-App Automation. Defaults to any Airship-originated URLs and YouTube URLs.
  • urlAllowListScopeJavaScriptInterface: These URLs are checked before the Airship JavaScript interface is injected into the webview. Defaults to any Airship-originated URLs
  • urlAllowList: Both scopes are applied to these URLs.
Valid URL pattern syntax
<pattern> := '*' | <scheme>'://'<host>/<path> | <scheme>'://'<host> | <scheme>':/'<path> | <scheme>':///'<path>
<scheme> := <any char combination, '*' are treated as wild cards>
<host> := '*' | '*.'<any char combination except '/' and '*'> | <any char combination except '/' and '*'>
<path> := <any char combination, '*' are treated as wild cards>

To accept any URL within the SDK, set the urlAllowList to ["*"].