Titanium Changelog

The latest updates to the Airship Titanium module

9.1.0 August 23, 2022

Minor release that updates Airship SDK versions.


  • Updated iOS SDK to 16.9.1
  • Updated Android SDK to 16.7.0

9.0.0 May 24, 2022

A complete plugin rewrite. Existing integrations will break without at least changing the way Airship is configured. Please read the Migration Guide if you are upgrading from a previous version.


  • Updated iOS SDK to 16.7.0
  • Updated Android SDK to 16.5.0
  • Modularize the plugin interface
  • Added support for new contacts, privacy manager, preference center, subscription lists, and locale overrides
  • takeOff is now required to be called from JS instead of configuring the SDK through an xml file

8.1.0 January 15, 2021

Minor release that adds support for In-App Automation message limits and segments.


  • Updated iOS SDK to 14.2.2
  • Updated Android SDK to 14.1.1

8.0.0 September 29, 2020

Major release for iOS Airship SDK 14.1.2 and Android SDK 14.0.1. The major changes include iOS 14 support and bug fixes for In-App Automation.

7.1.0 August 21, 2020

Minor release bundling the following SDK updates:

iOS (Updated iOS SDK from 13.4.0 to 13.5.4)

  • Addresses Dynamic Type build warnings and Message Center Inbox UI issues. (13.5.4)
  • Fixes a crash with Accengage data migration. (13.5.3)
  • Improves iOS 14 support and fixes In-App Automation issues. (13.5.2)
  • Improves compatibility with Xcode 12, adding new messageCenterStyle properties to the default message center UI classes to avoid conflicting with UIKit changes in iOS 14 (13.5.1)
  • Adds support for application-defined locale overrides, and fixes issues in In-App Automation and the Actions Framework. (13.5.0)

For more details, see the iOS CHANGELOG.

Android (Updated Android SDK from 13.2.1 to 13.3.2)'

  • Fixes In-App Automation version triggers to only fire on app updates instead of new installs. (13.3.2)
  • Fixes ADM registration exceptions that occur on first run and text alignment issues with In-App Automation. (13.3.1)
  • Allows overriding the locale used by Airship. (13.3.0)
  • Fixes In-App automation display intervals being ignored if the app is killed and HMS token registration on older Huawei devices. (13.2.2)

For more details, see the Android CHANGELOG.

7.0.0 July 8, 2020

Major update to add significant functionality to the Titanium module. These updates take advantage of the latest iOS and Android SDKs APIs.


  • Updated Airship Android SDK to 13.2.1
  • Updated Airship iOS SDK to 13.4.0
  • Added channel tag editor.
  • Added named user and channel attribute editor.
  • Added named user and channel tag group editor.
  • Added iOS badge support.
  • Added screen tracking support.
  • Added flag to pause or resume the display of In-App Automation.
  • Added opt-in status flag.
  • Added enableUserNotifications method with a result status callback.
  • Added EUCS cloud site support.
  • Added more robust event handlers.
  • Added notifications for opt-in status changed and notification response events.
  • Added custom events support.

6.0.0 May 28, 2020

Major update to support Titanium 9.0.0+ and Android and iOS SDKs.


  • Updated Airship Android SDK to 13.1.2
  • Updated Airship iOS SDK to 13.3.2
  • Updated Titanium to 9.0.0
  • Changed module name from UrbanAirship to AirshipTitanium
  • Changed module id from com.urbanairship to ti.airship