Flutter Accengage Migration

Migration from Accengage SDK to Airship Flutter plugin.

Setup Instructions

  1. Remove the Accengage SDK.

  2. Install the Airship Flutter plugin.

  3. Add Airship-Accengage module to each supported native platform:

    iOS: Add the Accengage podspec to your podfile.

    # Airship SDK
    target "<Your Target Name>" do
      pod 'Airship/Accengage'

    Android: Add the Accengage module to your build.gradle.

    // Airship - Accengage
    implementation "com.urbanairship.android:urbanairship-accengage:$airshipVersion"
  4. Airship provides a data opt-out feature to help customers comply with applicable privacy opt-out laws. For more information, see Data Collection.

Remove Airship-Accengage module

After your users have migrated to Airship, you are now ready to remove the Airship-Accengage module from your project.

Remove the Accengage podspec from your podfile for iOS:

pod 'Airship/Accengage'

Remove the Accengage dependency from your build.gradle for Android:

implementation "com.urbanairship.android:urbanairship-accengage:$airshipVersion"

Note that upgrading to Airship Flutter Plugin 7+ will require removing the Airship-Accengage module.