Cordova Accengage Migration

Migration from Accengage Cordova plugin to the Airship Cordova plugin.

Setup Instructions

  1. Remove the Accengage Cordova plugin.

    cordova plugin rm com.bma4s.sdk.plugins.cordova
  2. Add the Airship Cordova plugin.

  3. Add the Airship-Accengage Cordova plugin.

  4. Set up notification extensions for iOS.

  5. Replace Accengage methods in your code (BMA4S.methodeName()) with Airship methods.

  6. Airship provides a data opt-out feature to help customers comply with applicable privacy opt-out laws. For more information, see Data Collection.

Remove Airship-Accengage plugin

After your users have migrated to Airship, you are now ready to remove the Airship-Accengage plugin from your project.

cordova plugin rm urbanairship-accengage-cordova

Note that upgrading to Airship Cordova Plugin 15+ will require removing the Airship-Accengage plugin.