Channel Capture Tool

The Channel ID is valuable for troubleshooting individual device issues in production apps. iOS SDKs since 6.1.0 include a Channel Capture tool that can be used to expose the Channel ID to the user, who can then send it to support. App developers are asked to enable the channel capture tool or to provide another mechanism to get the user’s Channel ID.

The Channel Capture tool can be enabled or disabled using the UAConfig channelCaptureEnabled flag in your app’s AirshipConfig.plist.

  • The Channel Capture tool is enabled by default. This is the recommended setting.
  • If the app disables the Channel Capture tool, it should provide some other mechanism to expose the user’s Channel ID.

When channel capture is enabled and the app becomes active, the Channel Capture tool only operates if it is active. There are two situations where it is active:

  • Background App Refresh is disabled in the app’s system settings, or
  • The Channel Capture tool has been activated for a specific duration, either by
Activating the Channel Capture tool
let duration : NSTimeInterval = 180
NSTimeInterval duration = 180;
[[UAirship shared].channelCapture enable:duration];

If the Channel Capture tool is active, it looks for a special token placed by the user on the device’s clipboard. Airship Support can help developers generate this token. If and only if the special token matches an SDK-generated token, a dialog is displayed that allows the user to copy their Channel ID. The Channel ID can then be sent from the user to support to help troubleshoot the issue.