App Clips

Register and create an App Clip.

An App Clip can make some of an app’s functionality available to users who don’t have the full app installed. This guide demonstrates what you need to do in order to create an App Clip within your app.

Register an App Clip identifier


An App Clip requires a separate application identiifer in the Apple developer portal and a separate project in the Airship dashboard. Therefore, you need to follow the same steps required for the application itself both on the Apple Developer Portal and Airship dashboard.

In order to create a push certificate to use with your App Clip, you’ll need to create a new application identifier. In the Certificates, identifiers & profiles section of your Apple developer account, register a new app ID and select the App Clip as the identifier type:

Specify the app ID of the parent app and the product name:

Create an App Clip in your project

Add an App Clip target to your application by selecting File -> New -> Target… and then selecting the App Clip icon in the Application section:

Make sure to add the push notification capability to your App Clip target.

To enable ephemeral notifications in your App Clip, add a following line to your info.plist file:

To be able to send push notifications for an extended period of time, set the extendedPushNotificationPermissionEnabled property of UAPush to true:

Airship.push.extendedPushNotificationPermissionEnabled = true
UAirship.push.extendedPushNotificationPermissionEnabled = YES;