Alternative Installation Methods

Alternative methods for installing the SDK.


Before you begin, ensure you have Carthage installed.

Adding the SDK framework to your application

Follow Carthage's adding frameworks to an application instructions to add AirshipKit.framework to your application.

Specify the Airship iOS SDK in your cartfile:

github "urbanairship/ios-library"

If you are creating a Notification Service Extension, follow the instructions in the iOS Notification Service Extension Guide.

Verify Enable Modules and Link Frameworks Automatically are enabled in the project's Build Settings.


Start by downloading and decompressing the latest version of the iOS SDK.

Add AirshipKit.xcframework to your project

  1. Open your project in Xcode.
  2. Click on your project in the Project Navigator.
  3. Select your target.
  4. Make sure the General tab is selected.
  5. Scroll down to “Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content”.
  6. Drag in AirshipKit.xcframework from the downloaded SDK. It is wired up automatically as a dependency of your target.

Verify Build Settings:

Enable Modules should be set to Yes

Link Frameworks Automatically should be set to Yes