Flutter Changelog

The latest updates to the Airship Flutter plugin

6.0.0 June 15, 2022

Major release that supports flutter 3.

  • Updated Airship Android SDK to 16.5.1.
  • Updated Airship iOS SDK to 16.7.0.
  • Updated Flutter SDK to 3.0.2 and dart SDK 2.17.3.
  • Fixed code flutter formatting.
  • Fixed pubspec to follow Dart file conventions.
  • Updated Flutter example to flutter 3.

5.5.0 May 5, 2022

Minor release that updates Airship Android SDK to 16.4.0, and iOS SDK to 16.6.0. These SDK releases fix several issues with Scenes and Surveys. Apps using Scenes & Surveys should update.

  • Added support for randomizing Survey responses.
  • Added subscription list action.
  • Updated localizations. All strings within the SDK are now localized in 48 different languages.
  • Improved accessibility with OOTB Message Center UI.
  • In-App rules will now attempt to refresh before displaying. This change should reduce the chances of showing out of data or cancelled in-app automations, scenes, or surveys when background refresh is disabled.
  • Fixed reporting issue with a single page Scene.
  • Fixed rendering issues for Scenes & Surveys.
  • Fixed deep links that contain invalid characters by encoding those deep links.
  • Fixed crash on Android 8 with Scenes & Surveys.
  • Fixed Survey attribute storage on Android.

5.4.0 April 4, 2022

Minor release that adds support for registering a handler that will be called when a message is received in the background on Android.


  • Added support for handling background messages on Android
  • Updated iOS SDK to 16.5.1

5.3.0 March 5, 2022

Minor release that adds support for multi-channel Preference Center.


  • Added support for multi-channel Preference Center
  • Added a method to trigger takeOff from Flutter
  • Fixed clearing named user on iOS
  • Updated iOS SDK to 16.4.0
  • Updated Android SDK to 16.3.3

5.2.0 February 10, 2022

Minor release updating iOS SDK and Android SDK to 16.3.0


  • Updated iOS SDK to 16.3.0
  • Updated Android SDK to 16.3.0

5.1.1 January 13, 2022

Patch release that updates to latest Airship SDKs and fixes a nullable variable issue in PushReceivedEvent.


  • Updated iOS SDK to 16.1.2
  • Updated Android SDK to 16.1.1
  • Fixed issue when PushReceivedEvent’s notification is null

5.1.0 December 3, 2021

Minor release updating iOS SDK to 16.1.1 and Android SDK to 16.1.0


  • Updated iOS SDK to 16.1.1
  • Updated Android SDK to 16.1.0

5.0.1 November 5, 2021

Patch release that fixes preferences resetting on iOS when upgrading to 5.0.0. This update will restore old preferences that have not been modified new plugin.

Apps that have migrated to 5.0.0 from an older version should update. Apps currently on version 4.0.0 and below should only migrate to 5.0.1 to avoid the bug in 5.0.0.


  • Updated iOS SDK to 16.0.2

5.0.0 October 25, 2021

Major release for Airship Android SDK 16.0.0 and iOS SDK 16.0.1.


  • Added Privacy Manager methods enableFeatures, disableFeatures, setEnabledFeatures, getEnabledFeatures and isFeatureEnabled that replace getDataCollectionEnabled, setDataCollectionEnabled, getPushTokenRegistrationEnabled and setPushTokenRegistrationEnabled
  • Support for OOTB Preference Center
  • Xcode 13 is now required.
  • CompileSdkVersion 31 and java 8 source compatibility are now required for Android.

4.4.0 October 7, 2021

Minor release to add badge methods.


  • Added resetBadge, setBadge, setAutoBadgeEnabled and isAutoBadgeEnabled methods.

4.3.0 May 25, 2021

Minor release updating the iOS and Android SDKs to 14.4.1 and 14.4.3. Also adds support for null-safety.


  • Updated iOS SDK to 14.4.1
  • Updated Android SDK to 14.4.3
  • Support null-safety
  • Updated Android minSdkLevel to API 21

4.2.0 April 6, 2021

Minor release updating the iOS and Android SDKs to 14.3.1 and 14.3.0.


  • Updated iOS SDK to 14.3.1
  • Updated Android SDK to 14.3.0
  • Added extras to the message center payload

4.1.1 February 2, 2021

Patch release to fix some issues with setting attributes on a named user if the named user ID contains invalid URL characters. Applications using attributes with named users that possibly contain invalid URL characters should update.


  • Updated iOS SDK to 14.2.2
  • Fixed attributes updates when the named user has invalid URL characters.

4.1.0 December 31, 2020

Minor release adding support for frequency limits and advanced segmentation to In-App Automation and hybrid composition support for InboxMessageView.


  • Update Airship Android SDK 14.1.1 and iOS SDK 14.2.1
  • Added hybrid composition support for InboxMessageView on Android
  • Added refreshInbox method

4.0.1 September 29, 2020

Patch release for Airship Android SDK 14.0.1 and iOS SDK 14.1.2.


  • Update Airship Android SDK 14.0.1 and iOS SDK 14.1.2
  • Fixed events not firing on Android

3.0.2 May 5, 2020

Patch release updating to the latest Airship SDKs and addressing issues with YouTube video support and channel registration on iOS.


  • Updated iOS SDK to 13.3.0
  • Updated Android SDK to 13.1.0
  • Fixed YouTube video support in Message Center and HTML In-app messages.
  • Fixed channel registration to occur every APNs registration change.

3.0.1 March 23, 2020

Patch addressing a regression in iOS SDK 13.1.0 causing channel tag loss when upgrading from iOS SDK versions prior to 13.0.1. Apps upgrading from airship_flutter plugin 1.0.1 or below should avoid plugin versions 2.1.0 and 3.0.0 in favor of version 3.0.1.

  • Updated iOS SDK to 13.1.1

3.0.0 February 20, 2020

  • Refactored airship.dart to airship_flutter.dart to resolve publish warning. Customers upgrading to 3.0.0 will have to update their plugin imports accordingly, see readme for import instructions.

2.1.0 February 18, 2020

  • Updated iOS SDK to 13.1.0
  • Updated Android SDK to 12.2.0
  • Added number attributes support for iOS and Android
  • Added data collection controls for iOS and Android
  • Added screen tracking for iOS and Android
  • Improved cross-platform message view support

2.0.0 January 15, 2020

  • Renamed plugin package name from airship to airship_flutter
  • Updated iOS SDK to 13.0.4
  • Updated Android SDK to 12.1.0
  • Implemented attributes functionality in iOS and Android

1.0.1 December 9, 2019

  • Updated iOS SDK to 12.1.2
  • Fixed Airship events not properly deserializing in flutter

1.0.0 November 1, 2019

  • Initial release