Data Collection

Overview of data collection for email.

Email Event Data Collection

Through our integration with our email service provider partner, Airship captures email event data to measure campaign performance, track engagement, take action on spam complaints, and to handle Unsubscribe requests and other email bounce events. This information is used to populate reports in Performance AnalyticsA customizable marketing intelligence tool that provides access to reports and graphs based on engagement data., and in the dashboard. It is also made available for processing outside of Airship via Real-Time Data StreamingA service that delivers engagement events in real time via the Data Streaming API or an Airship partner integration..

Below is the list of email events that we capture.

Event nameDescription
injectionMessage is received by or injected into our email service provider partner.
deliveryRemote Message Transfer Agent or Mailbox acknowledged receipt of a message.
bounceRemote Message Transfer Agent or Mailbox has permanently rejected a message.
spam_complaintMessage was reported as spam by the recipient.
out_of_bandRemote Message Transfer Agent or Mailbox initially reported acceptance of a message, but it has since reported that the message was not delivered.
delayRemote Mailbox has temporarily rejected a message.
clickRecipient clicked a tracked link in a message.
openRecipient opened a message in a mail client, rendering a tracking pixel at the bottom of the message.
initial_openRecipient opened a message in a mail client, rendering a tracking pixel at the top of the message.
list_unsubscribeRecipient clicked the ‘unsubscribe’ button on their email client.
link_unsubscribeRecipient clicked an unsubscribe link in a received email.

Recipient Details per Event

Below is the list of recipient data that we capture for each event listed in the above table.

Tracking for click, open, and initial_open is enabled by default but can be disabled per channel by disabling click and open tracking in Contact Management. You can also disable open and click tracking per message when configuring Sender Information.

Recipient dataDescriptionApplicable Events
Channel IDEmail channel identifierAll events
Email AddressEmail address of the end-userAll events
Event NameType of engagement eventAll events
User AgentUser agent string returned for email client or web browseropen, initial_open, click
Is MobileIndicates if this was a mobile deviceopen, initial_open, click
Is PrefetchedIndicates if this event was likely prefetched, for example through Apple MPPopen, initial_open, click
Is ProxyIndicates if the user agent is a proxy serveropen, initial_open, click
Agent FamilyAgent or client type based on user agentopen, initial_open, click
Device BrandDevice Manufacturer based on user agentopen, initial_open, click
Device FamilyDevice Model based on user agentopen, initial_open, click
OS FamilyOperating system based on user agentopen, initial_open, click
OS VersionOperating system version based on user agentopen, initial_open, click

Data Privacy

Airship makes HTTPS encryption (also referred to as TLS connection) available for data in transit to or from the Service. For more information, see Airship Security Measures. Email data collected by Airship is not transferred to any third parties unless a partner integration is enabled and configured by the application. For information on individual data requests, see Individual Data Privacy Rights.