Apple Private Email Relay

If you use the Sign in with Apple login service in your app, your users can choose to route emails from you through Apple’s private email relay service.

Apple’s private email relay service lets your users hide their email addresses as an added layer of privacy when using your app.

When a user enables Hide My Email, Apple generates a unique and randomized email address, e.g.,, that you can associate with that user. When you send email to that address, Apple forwards it to the email address associated with the customer’s Apple ID.

Registering your domains with Apple

In order to send Airship email messages to those using Apple private email relay, you must first register your domains with Apple. This ensures that if there’s a problem causing emails to fail, or the user no longer wants to receive your emails, Apple can notify you of the bounce.

If you are using a separate bounce domain from your sending domain, you’ll need to register both the sending and the bounce domains. If you don’t register all the source domains, email sent to the private relay service will result in a bounce.


  • Before registering your domains, your Airship project must already be provisioned for email. Contact your account manager or Airship Support if your project does not yet include email.

  • If you attempt to send emails to private relay email addresses but haven’t registered your domains with Apple, your messages will be rejected.

Follow the steps for Register domains in Apple’s developer guide Configure private email relay service.