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Make your app location-aware, and benefit from dedicated Custom EventsEvents that indicate that a user performed a predefined action, such as adding an item to a shopping cart, viewing a screen, or clicking an Unsubscribe button. Custom events can trigger automation, sequences, scenes, and surveys. You can code them into your app or website, or send them to Airship from an external source using the custom event API. Custom events contain properties that you can use to personalize messages. to trigger messages with Airship. This means you can design personalized Airship SequencesA series of messages that is initiated by a trigger. Airship sends messages in the series based on your timing settings, and you can also set conditions that determine its continuation. Sequences can be connected to each other and to other messaging components to create continuous user experiences in a Journey. and AutomationsA set of conditions that your audience must meet before they receive a message. based on location.

  • The Woosmap Geofencing SDK adds to your app: geofencing, users’ background location, and geographic behavior analysis capabilities.
  • You can manage your assets (stores, points of interest, branches, competitors, etc.) in Woosmap and add even more depth to your location-based scenarios.

See Woosmap documentation for details about how to set up this integration: