Segment is a customer data warehouse that lets you combine data from disparate applications and platforms. The Airship/Segment integration maps Segment events to Airship events for retargeting with Airship messaging.

This integration implements hooks in your app for the following Segment methods:

  • Identify
  • Track
  • Screen
  • Group

For each Segment method, there is an equivalent Airship feature to map to:

Airship ConceptSegment Concept
Screen Viewed Event (Only visible via Real-Time Data Streaming)Screen
Named UsersIdentify
Custom EventsTrack

Segment also provides an excellent overview of this integration.

Getting Started

Account Setup

First you will need to create an account with both Segment and Airship.


Your Airship account must include messaging.

SDK Integration

  1. Integrate both Segment and Airship SDKs into your project.

    • If you do not yet have Airship's SDK installed, follow the steps in Segment's Airship Integration setup document. You will install Airship's SDK during Segment's setup process.

    • If you already have Airship's SDK installed and then install the Segment SDK, either:

      • Reinstall the kit through Segment for an SDK update and to map the events, or
      • Map Segment events to Airship-specific events, e.g., tags, custom events, etc.
  2. Add the Airship dependency and Segment integration to your project.

Use Cases

Use cases are specific to how you are using Segment, but this is an example of a supported integration:

  • Track Segment events, such as made a purchase or watched a video, and send them as Airship Custom Events to trigger a campaign. For instance, you could create a re-engage campaign for web abandon cart with custom event automation, via the UI or API.