This integration is maintained by DataGrail. Please contact DataGrail for support.

DataGrail provides a platform to manage compliance with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). DataGrail offers continuous system detection as well as real-time inventory of data assets.

Follow these procedures to connect an Airship project to DataGrail. First, you will create a token in Airship, then you will enter your Airship information in the DataGrail Portal.

Airship: Create a token

  1. Log in to Airship and open the project you want to connect to DataGrail.
  2. Go to Settings » Project Configuration and click Manage for Tokens.
  3. Click Create Token.
  4. Enter DataGrail as the token name, and select All Access, which grants full access to your Airship project. For additional information, see Airship API Security.
  5. Click Create Token, and copy the App Key and Access Token temporarily to a secure location.

    DataGrail requires this data to perform deletions for privacy requests

  6. Click Got it to close the window.

DataGrail: Connect your Airship project

  1. Log in to the DataGrail Portal.
  2. Enter the Access Token and App Key obtained from the Airship dashboard.
  3. Enter US in the Region field if you are using; enter EU if you are using
  4. Click Connect Airship.

To connect more Airship apps, click Edit Connection on the Integration page for Airship. Then, select +Add New Connection from the dropdown menu.