This integration is maintained by Please contact for support. is a behavioral email platform that harnesses user activity and profile data to send targeted campaigns at scale. With the Airship Real-Time Data Streaming and integration, incorporate mobile engagement data into your profiles and run email campaigns based on Airship events.


In order for Airship to send events to, you need to register users in and associate an email address.

See Integrating with for more information on registering users.

The important thing to remember is that your Airship Named UserA customer-provided identifier used for mapping multiple devices and channels to a specific individual. must match the identifier you send over to in your identify call. In the next section we’ll show you how to set the Airship Named User to match your Customer ID.


Client Code

In your iOS or Android/Amazon project, set the Airship named user to be the same ID you use in the identify call.


UAirship.namedUser().identifier = "NamedUserID"
[UAirship namedUser].identifier = @"NamedUserID";

See iOS: Named Users for more detail.


// Associate the channel to a Named User ID.

See Android: Named Users for more detail.


  1. Go to Settings » Project Configuration and click Manage for Real-Time Data Streaming.

  2. Under Real-Time Data Streaming, click


    Previously configured integrations are listed under Enabled Integrations.

  3. Configure a new integration:

  4. Click Save.

Once you’ve enabled the integration, we’ll start sending events from this app to your instance, and they will appear in your user’s activity stream.

The following example from the dashboard shows an expanded custom event and open event. The custom event in this example was instrumented using our Google Analytics Tracker, which passes Google Analytics events to Airship as custom events.