This integration is maintained by Snowplow. Please contact Snowplow for support.

Snowplow helps you track all events across all channels to give you an up-to-the-minute view of user behaviors. With the Airship Real-Time Data StreamingA service that delivers engagement events in real time via the Data Streaming API or an Airship partner integration. integration you will have access to all your mobile data in addition to any other data you want to collect via Snowplow. This enables you to have complete control over your data warehouse. Amazon Redshift is used so your data analysts can run custom queries and generate reports.

  • Understand user lifecycle.
  • Uncover activation behaviors that lead to long term users.
  • Optimize user acquisition spend based on the highest performing source that leads to conversions.

Snowplow Integration Requirements

This integration requires these accounts:

  1. Snowplow
  2. Airship — Must include both:

Configuring the Snowplow Integration

Contact Snowplow to set up this integration. For a list of events tracked, see Snowplow’s Airship integration documentation.