This integration is maintained by RevenueCat. Please contact RevenueCat for support.

RevenueCat is a powerful and reliable in-app purchase server. You can use RevenueCat events to send Custom Events and trigger messages with Airship. You can design personalized Airship Sequences and Automations based on purchase behavior.

RevenueCat Integration Requirements

  • Accounts
    1. RevenueCat — Pro plan
    2. Airship — Must include messaging
  • Airship project
    • The Airship SDK must use the same user identity as the RevenueCat SDK.

Configuring the RevenueCat Integration

In Airship:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Under Project Configuration, select Manage for Partner Integrations.
  3. Select RevenueCat.
  4. Select Configure for the inbound integration and follow the onscreen instructions to:

For additional detail, see RevenueCat’s documentation.