This integration is maintained by Airship. Please contact Airship for support.

Optimove is a customer data platform (CDP) that helps you precisely target and message your audience based on their activities in your app or on your website. With this integration, you can trigger Airship automations from the events that you set up in Optimove.

In this integration, you will:

  • Set up custom event automations in Airship as Templates for triggered messaging campaigns in Optimove.
  • Create Triggered Campaigns in Optimove, selecting events that you want to trigger your campaign and setting your Airship automation as an Optimove Template.

When Optimove registers the events specified in your campaign, it issues a custom event to Airship (using the event name you specified in your Airship automation) to trigger the automation and send a message to your audience.

graph LR a[/Optimove Event 1/]-->d b[/Optimove Event 2/]-->d c[/Optimove Event 3/]-->d d[Optimove]-->|custom event|e e[Airship]-->|automated message|f[Audience]

Setup and Prerequisites

You must install both the Airship and Optimove SDKs before you can take advantage of this integration.

To set up this integration, you must provide API credentials from Optimove to Airship:

  1. Log in to Optimove’s service desk.
  2. Submit an Optimove API Request for Production API (Third Party Vendor Access).
  3. Select Airship — triggered In-app.
  4. Contact your Airship account manager and with your Optimove API username, password, and Base URI to finish provisioning your integration.

Start an Optimove Messaging Campaign

You can schedule and change audience settings for your campaign in Optimove and Airship. The only difference is whether you limit the number of custom events that Optimove sends to Airship, or limit the number of messages that Airship sends to your audience.

For example, you can Limit Recurrence in Optimove, determining how many times an audience member can trigger custom events from Optimove to Airship, or add an All-Time Rule LimitLimits that cap the number of messages a user can receive from an automation within a time frame, preventing you from over-messaging your audience, e.g., a maximum of 1 per day. Rule limits are set per automation. in Airship to determine the maximum number of messages that your automation can send someone in your audience.

  1. In Airship, create an Automation with a custom event trigger. In the Setup step:

    • Enter a name for the automation. The automation name you enter will appear as part of the template name in Optimove.
    • Select the Custom Event trigger and enter the name of the event that you want Optimove to use to trigger your automation. If the event name doesn’t appear in the search, click Use [event_name].
  2. In Optimove, go to One-to-One Campaigns » Manage Triggers. Hover over the category you want to create your new trigger in and click New Trigger.

  3. Enter a Trigger Name. You will select this name when you create your campaign.

  4. Click + Add Event, select the event that you want to trigger your messaging campaign, then click Done. You can add multiple events to your trigger. Click Save when you are finished adding events.

  5. Go to One-to-One Campaigns » Target Groups and select the group of users eligible to receive the message when they trigger the event.

  6. Go to the Triggered Campaign tab for the selected group and click + Add Triggered Campaign.

  7. In Target Group and Trigger, select the Trigger that you created in previous steps.

  8. Complete the Scheduling section.

  9. Click Execution Details and select your Airship channel and template:

    • For Channel, select Airship.
    • For Template, select the automation that you created in Airship.
  10. Click Create Campaign. When you create your campaign, Optimove is set to trigger your Airship automation according to your Optimove schedule (if you set one).