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Iterate’s unique customer insights platform empowers teams to listen, learn, and act by deploying surveys and data collection across all customer channels. Using Airship’s In-App AutomationMessages that are cached on users’ devices and displayed when your users meet certain conditions within your app, such as viewing a particular screen or opening the app a certain number of times. or email, Iterate can help you gather the data you need by delivering your customers engaging and powerful questions without needing to integrate any new SDKs.

Enrich your customer profiles by sending responses to Airship as Custom AttributesMetadata used for audience segmentation and personalization. They extend the concept of Tags by adding comparison operators and values to determine whether or not to target a user, helping you better evaluate your audience., enabling you to create deeply personalized campaigns, fill in demographic gaps, collect key metrics like NPS and CSAT, and more.

Iterate Integration Requirements


  1. Iterate
  2. Airship — Must include In-App Automation and/or Email

Configuring the Iterate Integration

For information about configuration and usage, see Iterate’s Airship integration documentation.