Manage Apple Pass Certificates

Manage your Apple Wallet certificates.


To integrate Apple Wallet with your account, you need:

  • An Apple Pass Type Certificate
  • The certificate password

If you do not yet have them, complete the steps in the Airship Support article How to make an Apple Pass Type Certificate. If you need to renew a certificate, select your existing Pass Type ID instead of creating a new one.


Changing the Pass Type ID for the certificate used on your project will make it impossible to edit passes generated with the old certificate. For this reason, you should ensure you have uploaded a valid certificate before you begin making passes.

Add a New Certificate to your Airship Wallet project

Upload a new certificate to the project.

  1. Go to Settings » Certificates.
  2. Select Upload a new .p12.
  3. Enter the Certificate password.
  4. Click Choose File and select your p12 file.
  5. Click Save.

Repeat these steps to add another certificate.

Select an Existing Certificate

Designate which previously uploaded certificate should be used with the project.

  1. Go to Settings » Certificates.
  2. Select Select an existing .p12.
  3. Select from the Certificate menu.
  4. Click Save.

You may change the project’s certificate as often as needed.


If you have created any passes for a project and then change the certificate, you will be unable to interact with or update those passes. The certificate authorization will fail on those passes and they will be in an orphaned state.

Replace Certificate

Use Replace certificate when you need to upload a new certificate to your project, typically to replace an expiring certificate. The new certificate is validated upon upload to verify it has the same basename and Team ID as the original. If it is not a valid replacement, you are given the option to add it as a new certificate.

  1. Go to Settings » Certificates.
  2. Click Replace certificate.
  3. Select Upload a new .p12.
  4. Enter the Certificate password.
  5. Click Choose File and select your p12 file.
  6. Click Save.