Manage Barcode

Change your project’s barcode format and edit its values.

  1. Go to Settings » Barcode.
  2. Click Edit Barcode and make your changes.
    • Barcode Format: Select a format or No Barcode. See: Barcode Types.
    • Encoded Barcode Value: This is the default barcode value and applies to all passes if you do not set a barcode value through the API. Leave blank if you do not want to add a default value.

      • If barcodes should be the same for every pass, set the default barcode value here.
      • If barcodes should be dynamic, differing for each pass, you must set barcode values in the header object in the API.

    • Barcode Text: This message appears under the barcode. Enable Display the barcode value as the barcode text if you want to display the value of the barcode as human-readable text. This field sets the card number for gift cards.
    • Encoding: The default standard is ISO 8859-1. You can enter a different value if your scanning infrastructure supports an alternative.
  3. Click Save.