Wallet Segments Builder Tutorial

Segments are reusable audience selection criteria. They are used with the Publish feature to apply template design changes to Apple Wallet passes that have already been distributed. Create a segment instead of recreating your audience selections every time you update a pass. Segments are created within a project and can be used for any Apple Wallet template within that project.

Learn more in Segmenting Your Audience.


Segments can also be created via the API. See: Wallet API: Segments.

Create a New Segment

Tags are selected from — not created by — the Segments Builder. Select tags that you have already created and attached to passes. See the API: Tags. documentation for more detail.

To create a new segment:

  1. Go to Segments.
  2. Click New Segment.
  3. Select whether the conditions you set will apply to All or Any passes in the project. The default statement is “Include passes where All of the following are true.” Use the All/Any dropdown menu to change your selection.
    • ALL = all criteria must be met (boolean AND)
    • ANY = any criteria must be met (boolean OR)
  4. Choose is or is not from the next dropdown menu.
  5. Enter your search term, and click to select from the listed search results, if any. If you would like to set multiple conditions, click Add a condition and continue with your specifications.
  6. Enter a descriptive name.
  7. Click Save.

Click the Segments menu link to return to your list of segments.

Edit or Delete a Segment

  1. Go to Segments. Three properties are displayed per segment:
    • Segment Name
    • Date Created
    • Date Edited: The date and time when the list was last edited.
  2. Click to delete the segment, or click to edit.

Update a Segment’s Passes

To update a segment’s passes, use the Publish feature. When choosing which passes to update, select the radio button for A specific segment, then select your previously created segment. See: Publish Tutorial.