Create adaptive links using the dashboard


You must use the API to create adaptive links for event tickets and boarding passes. See:

You must have at least one Apple Wallet and one Google Wallet template to create an adaptive link.

  1. Go to Templates.
  2. Click anywhere in a template’s row to see its expanded view, then click Select an Apple Wallet/Google Wallet Template. If you have only one template in the project, the initial view is expanded.
  3. (Optional) Enter a descriptive name for the link. This name appears in the list of all the template’s Adaptive Links. It does not appear to recipients of the link.
  4. Type the template name or ID, and select from the results. If you want to change your selection, click   and start over.
  5. Choose what will happen if the pass is opened in a desktop browser or undetectable device type rather than a mobile device.
    • Display error on the device: The device will display: {"error":{"code":1004,"message":"Device not supported."}}.
    • Redirect to a landing page: Enter the URL that the pass should redirect to.

      If you intend to send the link to web browsers via the Adaptive Link action in the dashboard, select Redirect to a landing page to ensure that your web users do not get an error.

  6. (Optional) Enable Personalization and/or restrict the number of Available Passes.
    • Personalized: If enabled, an individual pass URL is generated each time the adaptive link is clicked, ie., 10 clicks = 10 unique passes created, and 10 installs counted. If disabled, the same pass URL is generated each time the adaptive link is clicked, i.e., 10 clicks = 1 unique pass created, and 10 installs counted.

      • If you designed the pass templates to use personalized data such as first name, points, and/or a barcode value, enable Personalization.
      • When Personalization is disabled, you cannot update an adaptive link to update passes generated from the adaptive link. Rather, you must publish template updates through the dashboard or using the Bulk Update API to push updates to passes generated from the adaptive link.

    • Available Passes: Enter the number of passes that can be created from this adaptive link. If left blank, the number of passes is not limited.
  7. Click Save.