Manage Account Security Requirements

Enable security requirements for your wallet project teams.


  • Team Management Security settings are available to Enterprise customers only.
  • Only the company account owner can edit team security settings.

  1. Click   in the right side of the dashboard header, and select Team Management.

  2. Click the Security tab and enable or disable settings:

    • Password Reset — Require password reset after 90 days of last password change.

    • Unique Password Requirement — New password cannot be one of the last 3 passwords.

    • Block Multiple Sessions — Ensures that only one session can be active at a time by logging out existing browser sessions upon a new login.


You can also manually end user sessions. See: Manage User Sessions.

Setting up single sign-on (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) is a method of authentication where you use one set of credentials to access multiple accounts. If you already use SSO, you may add Airship as another service provider to enable members of your team to access your shared Airship projects without requiring dedicated credentials.

First you upload your identity provider (IDP) metadata. Then you download Airship service provide (SP) metadata and give it to your identity provider to designate Airship as a trusted company. After confirming SSO login is successful, contact Airship to set it as a requirement to access projects owned by your account and invalidate your users’ previous login credentials. Detailed steps are below.


  1. SSO is available for paid Airship pricing plans only. Please contact your account manager or Support to enable this feature if it is not already available for your account.
  2. Request your user metadata from your identity provider. It must be a standard SP (service provider) metadata XML file. You will upload this file in the steps below.

Airship dashboard steps:

  1. Click   in the right side of the Airship dashboard header and select Team Management.

  2. Go to Single Sign-On.

  3. Under Identity provider (IDP) metadata, click Choose File and upload your metadata file.

  4. Under Service provider (SP) metadata, click Download SP Metadata.

You will use the ENTITY ID and SINGLE SIGN-ON WEB ADDRESS URLs on this screen in the next steps.

Next, provide the SP metadata file to your identity provider and include the ENTITY ID URL in case they require it.

After your identity provider confirms Airship has been set up as a trusted company, have your users go to the SINGLE SIGN-ON WEB ADDRESS URL and test SSO login. If logins fail, contact Airship Support or your technical account manager for assistance.

As a final step, contact Airship Support and tell them SSO login is successful for your company and they can complete setup for you. Support will:

  • Set SSO as a requirement for users to access the projects your account
  • Invalidate passwords for all users except the account owners and project administrators
  • Notify you that SSO configuration is complete