About sequence outcomes

Configure alternatives to a sequence’s default ending behavior.

By default, all sequence messages are delivered to users who meet the conditions, but you can configure alternative outcomes.

Possible outcomes

You can configure the following outcomes for a sequence:

Exit events

You can configure a sequence to exit users based on these events:

Exit events are designated as either Conversion or Cancellation. Both have the same effect on a sequence, but the classifications are used for reporting and mapping. Their occurrence is evaluated during the delay period configured when adding each message.


Sequences triggered by InactivityA trigger that initiates an automation or sequence when a member of your audience does not use your app or website for a period of time. are automatically configured such that:

  1. A user becoming active is a conversion event labeled Reactivation.
  2. You cannot configure additional conversion events.


Configuring a sequence to continue to an in-app experience or another sequence creates a JourneyA continuous user experience of connected Sequences, Scenes, Surveys, and/or In-App Automations. . You can configure the downstream component in two ways:

  • Create new — After entering a name, it is saved as a draft.
  • Insert existing — Search for and select a sequence or in-app experience in your project. Archived items are excluded from search results.

For downstream sequences, channel selection is eliminated since your audience is predetermined by the upstream sequence.

Routing to an in-app experience requires minimum SDKs: iOS 17 and Android 17.

Delay period

You can set a delay period — the time Airship should wait before evaluating triggers and conditions for the downstream sequence or in-app experience. The delay period starts after the last message in the upstream sequence is sent or when an exit event occurs. The maximum delay period is 90 days.

In-app experience expiration period

If the downstream in-app automation, scene, or survey does not display on a user’s device within the default period of 31 days, they will exit the journey. This period starts after any configured delay period elapses.

As an alternative to exiting, you can route to a fallback sequence. You can also set a shorter expiration period.

Configuration locations and support

You can configure these outcomes in the Journey MapA visualization of messaging components that can be connected to create a continuous user experience. You can also create and edit from the map. :

  • Exit events
  • Continuation to a new or existing sequence, in-app automation, scene, or survey
  • Exit events WITH continuation to a new or existing sequence, in-app automation, scene, or survey

You can configure a limited set of outcomes in a sequence’s Settings:

  • Exit events
  • Continuation to a new sequence
  • Exit events WITH continuation to a new sequence