Enable Features

Control which features are available for your project.

Enable dashboard features


On/Off feature controls only apply to functionality within the dashboard. They do not enable or disable functionality at the API level.

Go to Settings » Project Configuration and click Manage for Dashboard Settings. Each feature is listed with a description and its minimum mobile SDK version. Enable or disable features.


Some newer Notification Buttons require a later SDK. See Built-In Interactive Notification Types for the full list and SDK requirements.


Not supported for web push notifications: Message Center, Landing Page, Deep Link, and In-App Messages.

Named users

By default, Named UserA customer-provided identifier used for mapping multiple devices and channels to a specific individual. association occurs server-side via the API. You can override that preference in your project settings, enabling client-side named user association.


  • Client-side named user association is enabled by default for all projects created on or after July 12, 2022.
  • Before disabling client-side named-user association, consider your use case. When this setting is disabled, restricting association to server-side calls only, you have the added security of requiring your master secret to be verified after each call. While increasing security, you also lose the convenience of having your application automatically associate named users on login. Most apps do not require this additional security. But if your app deals with extremely sensitive data, you may want to disable this setting and associate named users exclusively through the API.

  1. Go to Settings » Project Configuration and click Manage for Named Users.
  2. Enable or disable Allow named users to be set from devices.