Set In-App Message Design Defaults

Set the default appearance of in-app messages created from the dashboard.

These settings apply to In-App MessagesA message that appears inside of your app. You can send in-app messages to your entire app audience, not just users who have opted-in to push notifications. created via the Message, A/B Test, Automation, and Sequence composers.

  1. Go to Settings » Channels » Mobile Apps and click Manage for In-App Message Design.
  2. Configure the message design. Colors are hexadecimal color values.
    • Primary Color is the color of the button text and message background.
    • Secondary Color is the color of the message text, button background, and certain UI elements, e.g., the drawer pull on iOS.
    • In-App Message Position controls whether the in-app message displays at the top or bottom of the screen.
    • In-App Message Duration is the amount of time that the in-app message displays on the screen. The default is 15 seconds. Otherwise, select Specify, enter a numerical value, and select Seconds or Minutes.
  3. Click Save.