Manage Bearer Tokens

Use bearer tokens to authenticate grant and control permissions for entities using the Airship API, sending custom events into the system, or supporting a Real-Time Data Streaming integration.

For details about adding events from external systems, e.g., CRM or POS databases, see the Server-Side Custom Events API documentation.

Create a Token

  1. Go to Settings » APIs & Integrations » Tokens.
  2. Click Create Token.
  3. Enter a token Name. This is just a friendly name to help you recognize your tokens in Airship.
  4. Select the Role you want to grant for this token. For additional information, see Airship API Security.
    • Audience Modification: Grants read and write permission to audience APIs, including channels, named users, segments, lists, etc. Use this permission for users sending custom events into Airship.
    • All Access: Grants full access to your Airship project, except Acoustic integrations. You should use this permission when creating a token for an inbound message handling webhook.
  5. Click Create Token.
  6. Copy the values, then click Got it to close the window.

Delete a Token

  1. Go to Settings » APIs & Integrations » Tokens.
  2. Click Delete next to a token.
  3. Confirm your action and click Delete.