Personalize automations using Inline lists

Use Inline lists to personalize messages for your audience.

When using an Inline ListAn ad-hoc, CSV-formatted list of email, SMS, app, web, or open channel addresses that you want to register and send a message to. Unlike static lists or segments, you upload this list when creating your message. Airship registers new addresses in the list as channels when you send the message., you can include additional properties that you want to use to personalize messages — any column name or property that isn’t prefaced with ua_.

Like attributes, you will use {{column_name}} or {{property_name}} to personalize a message from a value in your list in the audience of a /create-and-send payload or when uploading your list in the message composer when using the dashboard. See Object and Array Notation for Inline lists for using complex arrays and objects in your CSV.

If you want to personalize your message using both attributes and information from an uploaded audience, you should make sure that the properties in your uploaded audience are unique from your attributes. If an attribute has the same name as a property in an uploaded audience, Airship will try to use the value in the uploaded audience.

Create-and-send request with personalization:
POST /api/create-and-send HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic <master authorization string>
Accept: application/vnd.urbanairship+json; version=3
Content-Type: application/json

    "audience": {
        "create_and_send": [
                "ua_msisdn": "15551234567",
                "ua_sender": "12345",
                "ua_opted_in": "2021-04-29T10:34:22",
                "name": "New Customer, Esq.",
                "from_city": "City",
                "from_state": "OR"
    "device_types": [
    "notification": {
        "sms": {
            "alert": "Hi {{name}}! I hear you're from {{from_city}}, {{from_state}}!",
            "expiry": 172800