Personalizing messages using attributes

Attributes are key-value pairs that you associate with your audience to help better target them with messages. In the message body, you can use attributes to personalize the content.

For example, if you were sending a birthday message to your audience, you can target using an AttributeMetadata that you can use for audience segmentation. Attributes differ from tags in that when evaluating users with attributes, Airship uses operators, e.g., equals, less than/greater than, contains, before/after, to determine whether or not to target a user. Supported attribute types are TEXT, NUMBER, and DATE. for a specific date and also use additional attributes within the body of the message to personalize based on an individual’s specific age, location, etc. Use HandlebarsHandlebars is Airship’s templating language for personalization. Handlebars expressions use double curly braces wrapped around a content template, ranging from a simple variable, e.g., {{first_name}}, to complex evaluations of personalization data. for the attribute name.

Because attributes can represent different kinds of values — text, dates, date-ranges, etc. — make sure you know the format of your attributes before using them in a message or template.