Button actions in the WYSIWYG editor

Associate action with the buttons in your messages.

When using the WYSIWYG editor for Rich PagesA landing page or Message Center message in your app that can include HTML, video, etc. and in-app automation, you can assign an ActionA configurable behavior that occurs when a user interacts with your message, e.g., opening a web page. that occurs when a user taps a button or image in the message. You can also use HandlebarsHandlebars is Airship’s templating language for personalization. Handlebars expressions use double curly braces wrapped around a content template, ranging from a simple variable, e.g., {{first_name}} to complex evaluations of personalization data. to personalize the actions. Minimum SDKs required to support all actions: iOS 8.5.0, Android 9.0.0.

Select the Button element in your message, then configure Action in the sidebar. Select one of:

  • No Action
  • Adaptive Link
  • App Rating
  • Deep Link
  • Dismiss Message — In-app automation only
  • Preference Center
  • Push Opt-in — In-app automation only
  • Share
  • Web Page

Check the Landing page behavior box if you want the landing page to close after the selected action occurs; when the user reopens your app, the landing page will no longer be open. Minimum SDKs required: iOS 14.2.0, Android 14.1.0.

You can also add or remove tags when a user taps the notification.

  1. Click Set a tag.
  2. Select Add or Remove, then search for tags that exist in the system, or create a new tag.
  3. (Optional) Click Set another tag and repeat the previous step.